Sadahiro Yamada & Watery Love/ Jomon Joe & Leave Me Alone (Split 7" | 2016)

国分寺のレコード店「超山田堂」の店主である超山田 SAD-HERO 氏が裸のラリーズ関連グループ「どろんこ雲」「DAS」等でも知られる福田柊氏 (Hiiragi Fukuda) と共に録音したアシッド感もたっぷりの新録 D.I.Y. Basement R&R ナンバー 2 曲を収録、Birds Of Maya や Home Blitz 関連グループで知られる Watery Love との Split 7" が 米 (New York) Selection Records より登場 ('16)!!! 超山田 SAD-HERO 氏と福田柊氏のデュオ編成にて 2015 年に「超山田堂」店内にて カセットテープ 8 トラック MTR「Tascam 488」を用いて D.I.Y. 録音、言葉のインパクトも絶大な国産地下ロック経由の Acid R&R ナンバー「縄文のジョー」と Johnny Thunders Rules 炸裂の Too Much Junkie R&R ナンバー Selfish Gene Kid : 利己的遺伝(子) という新録 2 曲を収録、In The Red や Siltbreeze 等からネガティブオーラ全開の病的な音源を多数残しているフィラデルフィアのカルトグループ Watery Love は Lou Reed が 78 年に残した名作 Street Hassle 収録ナンバー Leave Me Alone カバーを収録です。Ltd.500 枚プレス。(Dec 2016 | NAT Records)

国分寺の超山田ことSadahiro Yamadaとアメリカのガレージバンド“WATERY LOVE”によるスプリット7インチ!格好イイです!当店人気の福田柊との交流でもお馴染み、国分寺の超山田ことSadahiro Yamadaとアメリカのガレージバンド“WATERY LOVE”によるスプリット7インチ!Sadahiro Yamadaの方は切れ味抜群のロックンロールをユーモラスに展開!良い意味でのロックンロールの気安さが発露されまくっていて◎!無茶苦茶、気分があがりますよ!“WATERY LOVE”の方はルー・リードの「Leave Me Alone」をカバー!気怠くデカダンスな原曲をガレージ・ロック仕様(?)に仕上げています!オススメ!!(Dec 2016 | Reconquista)

Another noble venture into the artistically popular, commercially questionable split 7" format. Here we present Philadelphia's Watery Love (Richie, Siltbreeze, In The Red) paired with Tokyo's Sadihiro Yamada (Selection). Both artists bring their best. Watery Love comes with their rarely unleashed cover of Lou Reed's "Leave Me Alone" performed live in front of an indifferent crowd. Making the most of a full side of vinyl Sadihiro Yamada offers TWO wild rockers "Selfish Gene Kid" and "Joemon Joe". Worldwide edition of 300. ( 2017 | Selection)

Hiiragi Fukuda - PERSONAL SERVER (Cassette | 2016)

福田柊の16年作!ロックやサイケデリックの格好良さを凝縮したような旨味のある傑作ギター作品! 素晴らしいです!!当店大人気の福田柊の2016年作!これまで数々の傑作を残してきましたが、本作はそのどれもとも趣の違うギター作品となっています!なんでも“1年間のギター日記”的なインプロ・アルバムということですが、 散漫な感じはまるでなく、気怠くブルージーな曲、移ろいを感じさせるリリカルな曲、反復するバッキングにスペクタクルなギターが絡む曲等、様々なギター・ インストを聴かせてくれます!味わい深いギター・プレイがとにかく素晴らしく、ロックやサイケデリックの格好良さを凝縮したような旨味のある作品となって いますね!ギターの響き、旋律には妙に沁みてくるような良さがあり◎!それから、ジャケット写真は盟友DORONCOによるものですよ!大推薦!!(Feb 2016 | Reconquista)

Sloow Tapes, Trouble In Mind, Holy Mountain といった一筋縄では行かない海外のレーベルより作品をリリース、裸のラリーズ関連グループ「どろんこ雲」「DAS」等でも知られる福田柊氏 (Hiiragi Fukuda) 1 年間に及びソニーのテレコを用い録音したギター日記的インプロ作 ('16) が New York の Selection Records より登場!!  2014 年から 2015 年に掛け 1 年間に渡りソニーのテレコで D.I.Y. 録音された Guitar Improvisation を収録した、此れまでのどの音源ともまた違う質感で聴かせる非常にプライベートな趣の Acid Psychedelic Guitar Dairy 作品!!!「ギター日記」というだけあり、その日その日で全く異なった旋律とテンションで個人的なサウンドスケープを紡ぎ出しており聴き終えた後は 1 本の映画を見終わったような不思議な感覚に陥ること必至の全 7 曲入りとなっております。Ltd.200 本プレス。(Feb 2016 | NAT Records)

More gold from Mr. Fukuda! A collection of home recorded solo guitar pieces (or Guitar Diary as Hiiragi puts it). Very raw and sparse but with all the power and emotional weight that those in the know have come so expect from Hiiragi. Lucky for us he has had new releases coming more frequently including a re-release of the Seacide tape on LP from Trouble In Mind and a fresh new 7" of My Turntable is Sloow outtakes that Selection brought to you in conjunction with the legendary Holy Mountain label.  Personal Server was meant as a palate cleanser for an upcoming brand new solo LP! More news on that as it is revealed. Perfect vibes for a late dark night. (Feb 2016 | Selection)

Bandcamp Monday! On Tuesday! Sorry, I was away from my computer for most of yesterday. Who cares. But everyone should care about this sweet, skeletal tape/download from Tokyo guitarist Hiiragi Fukuda. Fukuda keeps thing simple here, with just a handful of dreamy chords drifting along underneath his solos. It’s tagged as a “guitar diary” and that’s kinda what it feels like – intimate and introspective. The songs don’t exactly go anywhere, but they’re hypnotic and lovely all the same. I need to dig into more of this guy’s stuff! (Feb 16th, 2016 | Tyler Wilcox, Doom and Gloom from the Tomb)

another tape, another side of FUKUDA - previously on MY TURNTABLE IS SLOW he fused SKIP SPENCE and SERGE GAINSBOURG with a touch of ECSTATIC PEACE era MV & EE, then on SEACIDE he appeared like the second coming of SUICIDE, then he backed SADAHIRO YAMADA on a couple albums that were a tangential continuation of FUKUDA's minimal drum machine acid krautrock incorporated into a garage pop by way of LES RALLIZES construct -- so there's not a lot of carry-over, other than FUKUDA himself -- PERSONAL SERVER is a set of stark stripped down outsider blues, the sparsest stuff i've heard from him yet, minimal structure, mostly improvised, loosely anchored around conceptual blueprints, sounding inspired by LIGHTNIN HOPKINS, LOU REED and JANDEK - "perfect vibes for a late dark night" indeed. highly recommended! (Feb 27th, 2016 | PSI LAB)

Sadahiro Yamada / May Rock'n Roller Be in The World (Cassette | 2015)

国分寺の中古レコード店「超山田堂」の店主である超山田 SAD-HERO 氏 + 裸のラリーズ関連グループ「どろんこ雲」「DAS」等でも知られ Sloow Tapes からのカセット作品が米 Trouble In Mind から先頃アナログ化され福田柊氏により録音された突然変異感満載の東京激地下 D.I.Y. Synth Punk 作品 ('15) が米 Selection Records より発売!!! リズムボックスやシンセ等を駆使し Tascam 488 にて録音された Acid Punk 臭 & 突然変異感ありの日本語 D.I.Y. Acid Synth Punk 作品!! ギターやシンセのフレーズ ~ 日本語によるヴォーカルもかなり印象的、Les Rallizes Dénudés に代表される国産地下ロックに通じる圧倒的なアンダーグランド感や不穏なムードもありの Psychotic Synth Punk から、サイケデリックな感覚が充満したズブズブの質感に惹き付けられるプロダクション方面でも楽しめる独自的な楽曲まで当店では Chrome ~ French Acid Punk の雄 Gunslingers でもお馴染み GR のソロ作品、更には Gary Wrong 関連が好きな方に大推薦です。 (June 2015 | NAT Records)

切れ味抜群でフリーク・アウトした楽曲から、気怠いロックンロールまで!凝縮されたサイケデリック・ロック!格好イイです!『OK To Exist Doing Nothing』も素晴らしかったSadahiro Yamadaの2015年作! 本作は国分寺の中古レコード屋「超山田堂」にて、Sadahiro Yamada(ギター&ボーカル)と福田柊(ベース、シンセ、リズムボックス)の2人で制作した作品で、かなりユニークなロックンロール作品となっています!8トラックのカセットMTRで録音したとのことですが、暖かくふくよかなギターの音が最高に心地良いですね!それから、リズムボックスやエレクトロニクスなどを駆使することで産まれる宅録的な濃厚さも◎!凝縮されたサイケデリック・ロックの旨味を堪能できつつも、一風変わったサウンド・プロダクションとなっていますよ!切れ味抜群でフリーク・アウトした楽曲から、気怠いロックンロールまで!福田柊の全面プロデュースです!大推薦!! (June 2015 | Reconquista)

A quick follow up to last years underground (far, underground) favorite, OK To Exist Doing Nothing. This time out it's just Yamada on Vox and Guitars, our man in Japan Hiiragi Fukuda on Bass and Synth accompanied by Mr. Rhythm Box, a Roland TR-33. Hypnotic boogies from space, spare and raw! A different vein than OK, but deeply satisfying. Expect more from Yamada in the future!!! Let's all feast on this first. (July 2015 | Selection)

man, i was a big fan of last year's OK TO EXIST DOING NOTHING lp, aside from the fact that the title alone is kinda like my life's mission statement, it plays like LES RALLIZES DENUDES lite in all the absolute best ways possible- scuzz and reverb dialed back from blood curdling levels, jams truncated into unlikely radio edits with gobs of replay value- so i was plenty psyched to see this new tape pop up, with sweet artwork to boot -- the label blurb ain't kiddin, this is definitely more pared down than OK TO EXIST - if you're familiar with FUKUDA's SEACIDE- another kickass album from last year, tape via most high SLOOW then promptly reissued on wax by TROUBLE IN MIND- then this won't sound out of place, but it will still blow your mind plenty as YAMADA and FUKUDA pick up where early MOON DUO left off and veer toward the often imitated rarely duplicated post VELVETS n STOOGES japanese underground bluesy noisy psych scene, mainlining a lethal dose of BEEFHEART meets SUICIDE psychosis - if you're readin this, chances are this will crash yr year end list like a wreckin ball. (Nov 2015 | PSI LAB)

Hiiragi Fukuda - DUMP (7" | 2015)

福田柊氏の新シングル "Dump" 入荷しました。今回はドロ酔い必至の酩酊サイケ・キラー。Sloow Tapes からカセット・リリース→その後 Trouble In Mind からLP/CDリイシューされた『Seacide』が抜群に良かった福田柊氏から、新7インチが到着。Selection Records と Holy Mountain の共同リリースです。トライバルな打撃に攻められフリークアウトなファズ/ボイスの悪夢を彷徨う酩酊のサイケ・ロック。 (June 2015 | OBSCURO)

サイケデリック・ロックの感覚を色濃く投影させたギター・サウンドが本当に素晴らしい傑作!当店でも大好評だった人気作『My Turntable is Slow』と同時期に制作された未発表曲2曲が7インチとしてリリース!サイケデリック・ロックの感覚を色濃く投影させたギター・サウンドが本当に素晴らしいですね!反復されるリフとリズムが呼び起こす酩酊感と、モダンなサイケデリアを撒き散らしながら演奏されるノイジーなギターに内包された覚醒感が同居した極上の2曲!朗読のように発せられる言葉もフックが効いていて◎!『My Turntable is Slow』録音時の未発表音源はこの2曲のみとのことで、これでコンプリートです!Holy MountainとSelectionによる共同リリース、限定300枚!大推薦!!(June 2015 | Reconquista)

Tokyo guitarist who can scorch in the Mainliner red, fuzz busting out solos, but sets up songs with looping acoustic and electric guitar lines and hand-percussion sidling along with them. His voice, mutter-sung and multi-tracked, adds to the hypnotic trippy trance effect. The songs invite you in with a gentle psych vibe but then he just rips with the electric fret fire. In a way this re-ignited my fondness for Slapp Happy Humphrey, wth that similar combustive combination. KFJC has an album from Doronco Gumo, connecting Fukuda-san back to the Japanese underground giants like Les Rallizes Denudes. This definitely keeps that tradition alive and well. We got our copy down from the mighty Holy Mountain and these two songs will resonate in your Six Organ chakras, “Dump” spins like a prayer wheel, seven minutes of excellence. “Don’t Worry Be Slow” begins with an acoustic coal-mining kind of riff, but right away the guitar magma is struck. When the guitar cools down, his echoey vocals water-drop into your consciousness, I guess they’re in Japanese, but you could tell me they were in some ancient forgotten language, and I’d believe you. (July 22, 2015 | Thurston Hunger KFJC 89.7 FM)

"Dump" (and its B-side "Don't Worry Be Slow") is the single with massive guitar solos that Hiiragi Fukuda's masterpiece of late night mellow My Turntable is Slow LP could not contain. Both songs have an earlier in the evening swagger that make them both as complimentary to Hiiragi's LP as "Suspicious Minds" is to The Memphis Album. Limited to 300 copies and only available from Selection Records, Holy Mountain and Mr Fukuda himself. (June 2015 | Holy Mountain)

Another blast from our hero Hiiragi Fukuda! From the My Turntable Is Slow sessions we offer two more gems. This time as a split release with the revered label Holy Mountain. (July 2015 | Selection)

Hiragi Fukuda makes a surreal art-rock music that subverts conventional pop forms. The vinyl 7” Dump, from Holy Mountain, has the weird looping structures and repetitive deadpan vocals we really love. It also has completely out-there, distorted guitar solos smeared over everything, because why not? (March 2016 | Norman Records)

Hiiragi Fukuda - SEACIDE (Reissue LP,CD | 2015)

Hiiragi Fukuda turned a lot of “heads” with his 2013 album “My Turntable Is Slow” - released on NY label Selection Records. For many outside of his hometown of Tokyo, Japan it was their first introduction to the guitarist & experimental musician. TiM hopes to carry his name into 2015 with the release of “Seacide” - Fukuda’s first foray into synthesizer music. Orginally released as a criminally limited cassette on Sloow Tapes, “Seacide” is entirely instrumental & improvised, with Side A (the “synth” side) executed on a Yamaha monophonic synth, it’s hypnotic drones & pulses echoing out of his practice amplifier and carving out sonic territory akin to NY pioneers Suicide as well as UK Industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle. ‘Trochos’s metallic heartbeat radiates a meditative spirituality while the back & forth sway of “Sharpener” conjures up images of 8-bit generated waves cascading over a computer-coded sea side. Side B (the “guitar side”) features Fukuda’s stratocaster, with opener “Seashells” easing out a fragile, mechanical lullaby, while album closer “Breeze” features more of Fukuda’s soulful finger-picking atop a jaunty bossa beat. The album was recorded in just two days by Fukuda himself in his Tokyo bedroom, with a Boss DD-6 (as a Loop machine - it can record only 5.2 seconds) & captured sonically by a Sony TCM-400 onto a cheap cassette tape (made in indonesia). This edition of “Seacide” comes pressed onto black vinyl & includes a download code. The album is also released on CD & available via the digital format. (March 2015 | Trouble in Mind)

Japanese experimental artist Hiiragi Fukuda returns with his third stateside issue, as Trouble in Mind Records reissues the guitarist-synthesist’s 2014 Seacide on LP and CD (originally issued on cassette by Sloow Tapes). It would be shortsighted to call Fukuda’s rhythms minimal, as that word only describes his recording set up for this release. With one synthesizer, one guitar, delay pedal, and microphone, the artist weaves patterns that bleed beyond repetition into open, breathtaking ceremonies. In the streaming embed below, you will find that Fukuda is a patient player, to say the least, as he works with limited note sequences as long as physically necessary for the next narrative set. Harmonic feedback might be that story, or a shift in pitch or slight lead line. If the listener follows the standard story that original krautrock artists sought a form of music that transcended traditional influences and rhythms, Fukuda reduces that line to its most orthodox interpretation, thereby opening its grand potential: this is music that speaks truly through its bare elements, shedding unnecessary move or obstruction. (March 23, 2015 | DECODER MAGAZINE by Nicholas Zettel)

Hiiragi Fukuda lives in one of the most technologically sophisticated cities in the world, Tokyo, Japan. Lately I’ve been on an appreciating contrast binge in my life and with so much exposure to advanced technology in Tokyo, my head easily turns when a musician/band opts for lo-fi production. Fukuda combines a very colorful boutique and minimal aesthetic for his output. Known primarily for his guitar work, his latest album, Seacide, released by Trouble in Mind features the 10 minute track, “316L.” There’s no way in hell a band with looped drum machines backing and synths up front escape the Suicide influence tag, and in Fukuda’s case  it’s not a bad thing at all to be compared with Suicide production, sans vocals of course. Analog circuit bending keyboardist, pedal building fiends and overall fans of modulating leads will thoroughly enjoy this. Fukuda has been managing to create thrift psychedelic experimental tracks since 2010. Seacide looks to be primed in the direction of becoming a cult classic. (April 3rd, 2015 | SLY VINYL by Joshua Saposnekoo)

最高!! 大傑作、『My Turntable is Slow』等のリリースで、当店でも高い人気を誇る福田柊のテープ作品(2014年作)が、シカゴのレーベル”Trouble In Mind”よりLP&CD化! A面はシンセとリズム・ボックス、そしてB面はギターとリズム・ボックスによる演奏! チープなリズム・ボックスの音像を活かしたミニマル作品といった趣もありますので、反復や酩酊といった要素も多分に含まれていますが、主題がそこだけに置かれている訳では決してなく、ロックの色気と危うさをも体現しているような格好良さがありますね!唸りを上げるようにサイケデリックな音響空間を産み出すA面、叙情的な展開をみせるB面、ともに最高に洒落ていますよ! スーサイドやCraig Leonが好きな人も、是非チェックしてみてください! 改めて特異な才能と実感させられる傑作です!  (April 3rd, 2015 | Reconquista)

やさぐれローファイロックにも、海辺の黄昏フォークにも、滅茶苦茶良い味出てます。Holy MountainやSloow Tapesからの作品を始め、国内外問わず徐々に愛好者を増やす福田柊 氏の好カセット、Seacideが新たにCDとLPで再発!! これも元はSloow Tapesから出ていたもので、このレーベルが熱を上げるのも納得の深みと渋みあるサイケデリアなぐらつきが心地良く、ローファイ宅録感ある音の選びと質感も外さない。そしてなにより絶妙な塩加減で紡ぐ哀愁と猛進のギターさばきが絶品。また氏いわく「何も考えず流しっぱなしにして聞いてください」とのことで、くつろぎ/ながらの背景音楽としても良い空間を作ってくれます。Dirty BeachesやU.S. Girls、Siltbreeze系やGoaty Tapes、はたまたExo Tapes界隈なんかにも通じるものがあります。大推薦!!!!!! (April 3rd, 2015 | Meditations)

どこか懐かしい情景が浮かび、波のように消えて行く。黄昏の国産トリップ・ミュージック大推薦盤! 福田柊氏が «Sloow Tapes» から発表した2014年のカセット作が «Trouble In Mind» よりLP化。心地よいギター/シンセの旋律とミニマルなリズムボックスは、Suicide ~ Throbbing Gristle ~ Durutti Column までを感じさせる。特にラストの "Breeze" は悶絶モノ。限定カラー・ヴァイナル/ダウンロードコード付属。 (May 27th, 2015 | OBSCURO)

Sadahiro Yamada / OK To Exist Doing Nothing (LP | 2014)

Selection super session Japanese style. Live and on fire in Tokyo 2004. We have Selection's own Hiiragi Fukuda on drums and Yuka Ijichi on blazing guitars along with Kiyohiro "Doronco" Takada (Les Rallizes Denudes!) on bass and of course the star of the show, Sadahiro Yamada (visionary and owner of the fine Cho Yamada Dou record store in Kokubunji, Tokyo. ) fully up front on guitar and vocals. An intense night of raw psychedelia (thankfully) recorded for your pleasure. Will excite fans of Les Rallizes Denudes, Doronco Gumo, Pre-blueswailing era Major Stars and most guitar bands on P.S.F. Records. (2014 | Selection Records)

Incredible PSF-scale super session from a buncha key Japanese underground weirdos, live at the apex of high in Tokyo in 2004: the drool-worthy line-up features Hiiragi Fukuda on drums, Yuka Ijichi on motorpsycho guitar, Kiyohiro ‘Doronco’ Takada (ex-Les Rallizes Denudes!) on bass and Sadahiro Yamada (owner of the Cho Yamada Dou record store in Kokubunji, Tokyo) leading the charge on guitar and vocals. OK To Exist Doing Nothing marries the kinda brutal head charge of the early Tokyo Flashback sound with classic death-decadent song writing and the kinda extended guitar-think of your favourite Rallizes ‘boot’. Fans of the basement Twisted Village jam ethos, classic Rallizes, Overhang Party et all need this one! Highly recommended! (2014 | Volcanic Tongue)

これは強烈!!当店大人気の福田柊がドラム、どろんこ(ex 裸のラリーズ)がベース、そして、伊地知由佳(ex DAS)がギターで参加したSadahiro Yamada(ボーカル&ギター)の作品!2004年に行われたセッションを元に制作された本作、サイケデリックな空気を身に纏った生々しさに圧倒される 極上のロックに仕上がっていますね!ロックンロールやブルースの土着性と、異次元へと誘うサイケデリックな音響が組み合わさった世界は絶品!揺らいでいる ような酩酊感と音に漲る強固なパワーを浴びていると、最高にイイ気分になれますよ!どの演奏者も素晴らしい演奏を聴かせてくれます!東京産、極上のサイケデリック・ロック!最高!! (2014 | Reconquista)

Toshiro Mimaki - Januari 22, 2000 (LP+7" | 2014)

Duo recordings by the late Toshiro Mimaki (percussion) and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics). Both were part of the legendary Les Rallizes Dénudés and the abstract electronics, hypnotic percussion and two-note bass riffs remind one of their earlier band, though the overall atmosphere is far more abstract and echoes weird dark vibes in the depths of space. The lp comes with a bonus 7” documenting the only known recordings by Oz Band, the duo’s band prior to Les Rallizes Denudés. Two jams recorded in 1974 with a fantastic basement guitar psych feel that recall Baby Grandmothers et al. Silkscreened covers. 300 copies. (2014 | Sloowtapes)

Massively unlikely re-uniting of the late percussionist Toshiro Mimaki and Kiyohiro Takada (bass and electronics), both original members of Japanese underground psych legends Les Rallizes Denudes in an edition of 300 copies: the gravy here is the inclusion of a bonus 7” that features two tracks from the duo’s pre-Rallizes group, Oz Band, recorded in 1974 in classic basement psych fidelity, with the group jamming on guitar, bass and drums in a way that would somehow reconcile native idiot avant techniques with the kind of wailing/blissfully extended post-ballroom jams of Baby Grandmothers, International Harvester et al. What an unearthing! The LP itself presents more recent duo recordings with a totally zonked atmosphere, bass, percussion and electronics giving it the feel of a particularly blazed Kraut jam, w/aspects of Nurse With Wound circa Soresucker, NNCK/Atman and Charlie Nothing with sudden blurs of hazy F/X over classic naked-in-the-woods style hand percussion that somehow reconciles visionary dope bliss ala Siloah with massively deconstructed Guru Guru style punk rhythmics. A major side from Sloowax and a necessary addition to any serious Japanese underground shelf. Highly recommended! (2014 | Volcanic Tongue)

素晴らしいです!裸のラリーズへの在籍でも知られるサミーこと三巻敏朗の最初で最後のソロアルバム!本作は2000年1月に盟友ドロンコと 行った舞踏のためのライヴ演奏から3パートを編集収録!反復を多用するリズムを産み出すパーカッションとベース、そして、アブストラクトで時に強烈な高揚感を伴うエレクトロニクスが合わさった世界からは、ヴェルヴェッツやクラウトロック諸作が持っていたロックから発せられるミニマル・ミュージック特有の、 デカダンスを伴った重たいウネリのようなモノが感じれて◎!それから、ボーナス7インチがまた凄い!1970年代初頭、東京・吉祥寺に存在していたライブ ハウス「OZ」のハウスバンド、OZ BAND(!)の現存する唯一の録音音源(1974年)が収録されています!限定300部!レーベル在庫は既に売り切れとなっておりますので、お早目に! 大推薦!! (2014 | Reconquista)

2013 年の 1 月 29 日に他界された裸のラリーズ (Les Rallizes Denudes) のメンバーであるサミーこと三巻敏朗氏が 2000 年の 1 月に高田清博氏とデュオ体制で行ったライブ音源が最初で最後のソロ作品としてベルギーの Sloowax からアナログ盤で限定リリース ('14)!! 上記の音源は勿論、今回は Oz Days Live でお馴染み日本のロック創世記を彩る重要な拠点として今や伝説と化した吉祥寺のアングラ・ロック喫茶 "OZ" のハウスバンドである裸のラリーズ、どろんこ雲でお馴染み高田清博氏参加 Oz Band による Baby Grandmothers すら彷彿とさせる幻の 74 年録音がボーナス 7" として付いたシルクスクリーン刷りジャケ仕様 Ltd.300 枚プレス (2014 | Nat Records)

Hiiragi Fukuda - SEACIDE (Cassette | 2014)

Hiiragi Fukuda nails it again. ‘Seacide’ starts off with some trippy and fucked-up synth mayhem and ends up with long spaced-out guitar soloing on top of endless drumloop boogie. (2014 | Sloowtapes)

Edition of 100 copies from Hiiragi Fukuda of Japanese underground group Doronco Gumo: this is another blat from way beyond the long blank from Fukuda, starting out in a great cyborg/street walking cheetah feel, with odd night-time Heldon-style sci-fi creep using drum machine and synth before breaking out into some wildly extended six string fuzz worship, with Fukuda ripping it up over a rhythm machine with alla the otherworldly elan of the amazing Onna 7”. Great late night apocalyptic Japanese psych, highly recommended. (2014 | Volcanic Tongue)

Hiiragi Fukuda is a Tokyo-based guitarist who has made a trickle of excellent cassette and 7” releases over the past few years most of which have flown undeservedly under the radar. Having played with Doronco Gumo and other members of Les Razilles Dénudés fame, Fukuda’s pedigree links him to the best currents of Japanese psychedelic music, and hints of those Japanese psychedelic masters come out in Fukuda’s jamming. His latest release a cassette, Seacide, from Sloow Tapes has already made a big impression on me. Seacide is Fukuda’s furthest foray into synthesizer music. Though synthesizer, vocals and other instruments have been part of his sound, his guitar playing had always been front and center. The first side of Seacide, however, is dominated by extended synth improvisation over simple drum machine percussion. The elements are simple: unspecified Yamaha monophonic synth, Roland Rhythm Box,  and a Boss DD-6 delay pedal. It makes for fuzzy, heady stuff that meanders meditative in a one-toke-too-many kind of way. It feels in line with international strains of synth-based psychedelia that have seen consistent release in recent years out of labels like Night People, early Not Not Fun and yes Sloow Tapes among many others. The flip side of the tape has Fukuda’s Stratocaster come much more prominently into the mix, and that is where Seacide comes together. Fukuda hs enough style to know how to jam out on the synths, but he clearly knows his guitar much better, and he makes it sing. The guitar “really ties the room together,” so to speak, the only problem being, it leaves the first half of the cassette wanting in more guitar on multiple listens. Still, this is all around solid stuff. You can find all of Hiiragi Fukuda’s music digitally on his bandcamp page, and Seacide is out on cassette now on Sloow Tapes. (2014 | Drugs to Do Music to.)

В природе существует принцип, который, мне думается, мало заметен… Каждый час рождаются и умирают сотни маленьких живых существ — реэдитов, песен, треков, импровизаций, и жизнь каждого из них не имеет особого значения, разве что в совокупности с множеством других таких же созданий, когда их крошечные деяния суммируются и становятся заметны. Сами они мало что чувствуют. Практически не страдают. И даже смерть сотен тысяч песен не может сравниться по своей значимости со смертью одного-единственного человека. В ряду огромного количества звуковых отрывков рожденных чувствами и разумом человека на Земле от примитивнейших хлопков ладонями по воде до многочасовых симфоний, существует определенное равновесие — примерно так же, как масса собранных вместе ветвей высокого дерева равна массе сучьев, расположенных внизу, а масса дерева равна массе ствола. Ничтожная казалось бы история. Малозаметная. Гитарист японской группы Doronco Gumo Hiiragi Fukuda записал несколько новых маленьких живых существ — нехарактерных для него песен, треков, импровизаций. В своей студии он разрушает свою историю, подвергая ее могучему синтезаторному облучению чередуя лампу дневного света с кварцевой. В результате новые треки не лезут на поверхность, а мы получаем отличный загар. (2014 | Space Time Deity)

最高!!大傑作、『My Turntable is Slow』等のリリースで、当店でも高い人気を誇る福田柊の2014年作がベルギーのレーベル、Slow Tapesよりリリースです!A面はシンセとリズム・ボックス、そしてB面はギターとリズム・ボックスによる演奏!チープなリズム・ボックスの音像を活か したミニマル作品といった趣もありますので、反復や酩酊といった要素も多分に含まれていますが、主題がそこに置かれている訳では決してなく、ロックの色気 と危うさを体現しているような格好良さで貫かれていますね!唸りを上げるようにサイケデリックな空間を産み出すA面、叙情的な展開をみせるB面、ともに最高に洒落ていますよ!スーサイドや昨年再発されて話題となったCraig Leonが好きな人も、是非チェックしてみてください!改めて特異な才能と実感させられる傑作です!大推薦!! (2014 | Reconquista)

日本地下から輝く現行サイケの名作家、福田柊氏の新作がまたまたSloow Tapesより!シンセが加速してギターがジリジリと爆発。どこか現世には留まっていない危なっかしさと人間臭さが良い。音もアナログ好みな深みで魅力的 です。限定100部。お薦め! (2014 | Meditations/Tatewaki)

Hiiragi Fukuda - My Turntable is Slow (Reissue LP | 2013)

THIS IS THE BEST RECORD I'VE HEARD IN 1000000 YEARS (2014 | Academy Records/WFMU by Jeff Conklin)

Necessary edition of 300 copies vinyl upgrade for what was originally a killer cassette on Sloow Tapes from Hiragi Fukuda of Japanese underground group Doronco Gumo: this is more dosed and heavier on the acid folk vibe than Fukuda’s previous Oya Wa Touhoku, Oto Kumori with a great early-70s private/loner edge complete with echo vocals, comedown acoustic guitars and some stinging lead. Aspects of Masaki Batoh’s Ghost From The Darkened Sea but with a more progressive/rock feel alongside some classic Syd Barrett-isms make for a perfect late-night slow burner. Highly recommended! (2014 | Volcanic Tongue by David Keenan)

Originally issued in a cassette edition of 90 by the genius Sloow Tapes label in 2010, here is the long awaited and required LP version! Chattered about among fans of quiet psych ever since, Selection is proud to make this available to the world again. Gentle psychedelic guitar leads melt into lullaby acoustic styles and blow through your mind fresher than any sea breeze. (2014 | Selection Records)

傑作!!2010年にベルギーのSloow Tapesからカセットでリリースされ、即完売となった名作が、めでたくLPリイシューです!本作はサイケデリックでフォーキーなギター作品として、海外 でも大絶賛された訳ですが、聴いて頂ければ納得のハイ・クオリティですね!アシッド・フォークやサイケデリック・ロックの感覚を色濃く投影させたギター・ サウンドには、酩酊と覚醒が同時に訪れる様な不思議な感覚が流れていて、そして、朗読のようなボーカルには、演奏の中に内在された詩情をより露わにさせて いるような魅力があります!「親は東北、音くもり」や「Me And My Marshall Amp」とも違った側面が打ち出されている辺りも非常にイイですね!退廃的な雰囲気を、濃厚なモダニズムで貫いた見事な1枚!音楽的というよりも感覚的 に、ヴェルヴェッツやスーサイド等と通じる魅力を感じました!いずれにせよ、素晴らしい作品ですよ!大推薦!! (2013 | Reconquista)

Hiiragi Fukuda – The Stable at Dawn (Revisited) (2013 | Digital)

Hiiragi Fukuda is a straight-up guitar wizard out of Tokyo who can rip holes in the sky with his searing guitar work, but often works in a more subdued form on this 2011 release, save for two tracks that really cause major dust storms. His style is hyper-melodic, but filled with wailing, bending and droning sections that, while never scorching the earth, still cause many a wandering heart to flutter. “TV Dinner” is a subtle acoustic groove which puts the focus on Fukuda’s aching, yet-still-restrained vocals as they creep over and around the lyrical structure. It’s a tune that finds a place for itself somewhere between Bo Diddley and the Malian desert blues. Vocals again take the center square on “The Story of Snowman For Children’s” which is basically his husky voice and some sort of thumb piano or bells as well as an egg shaker. It’s probably none of those, honestly. The glaringly awesomely titled “Man, Woman and Marshall Amp” is a showcase for the kind of menacing, dark electric folk guitar ramble that Fukuda does best. This a serious slow burn of a track that spotlights how accurately this guy can conjure up lightning like some sort of genie out of the bottle. Couple this with “Sweet Home Touhuku” and play it with some Ditch-Trilogy-era Young or any of the fantastic MV/EE recordings and you will sail on into the mystic by track’s end. Fukuda also plays on the 2008 record from Kiyohiro Takada (former Les Rallizes Denudes) so he is obviously aware of the lineage he is coming from (psych guitar heroes of fore and yore) – and his releases after this saw him working in pure zoned-out synth boogie land (cassette only issue on Slooow Tapes, now out on fabulous LP on Trouble in Mind) so you know that Yukuda knows what’s what. This album is currently only FIVE MEASLY BONES, so check it out. (19 April 2015 | Capricorn Dreams)

Yuka Ijichi - Peanuts Butter (Revisited) (Cassette | 2012)

Rainy day dream music, simple and beautiful. Tokyo's Yuka Ijichi stuns us all with this debut. Acoustic freakouts saddled up next to quiet drones accented with heavy psych leads. All vocals by Yuka Ijichi, Guitars by Hiiragi Fukuda and Kiyohiro Takada (Les Rallizes Denudes) Originally issued in Belgium on the brilliant Sloow Tapes label in 2010 in an edition of 90 copies. Snapped up instantly upon original release by those in the know (all 90 of them), Selection is proud to offer this (once again) limited revisitation of this masterpiece. We're thrilled to bring this jewel to all lovers in the USA. A song was dropped, but a new one added! Thus this is truly a revisitation and not a straight reissue. 150 copies on royal blue shells for a new world. (Selection Records 2012)

素晴らしきサイケデリック・フォーク!「裸のラリーズ」のリズム隊としてバンドを支えてきた「どろんこ」と「サミー」を中心としたバンド「DAS」(現在活動休止中)のメンバーとして、90年代後半から2000年代前半までボーカリストとして音楽活動を行ってきた伊地知由佳のファースト・アルバ ム!2010年にベルギーのSloow Tapesからリリースされて、即完売となった名作が、NYのSelection Recordsから新録2曲を差替え待望のリイシューです!存在感抜群のボーカルとサイケデリックなギターを中心にした作品で、いわゆるアシッド・フォーク的な味わいもありますが、ジャンル的なキーワードに媚びる様子は微塵も感じられない独特の良さがありますね!『五木の子守唄』をカバーしているからという訳ではありませんが、日本的な歌の良さも感じられて◎!童謡(伝承歌)の持っている畏怖に近いような美しさを持ってるのもポイントですね!どろんこ、福田柊も参加で、素晴らしいギターを聴かせてくれますよ!凛とした寂寥感が滲み出た傑作! (Reconquista 2012)

Hiiragi Fukuda - Me And My Marshall Amp (7" | 2012)

Selection is excited to offer the latest from the great Hiiragi Fukuda. Known for his blazing guitar work both solo and on fantastic Doronco Gumo LP. Here Hiiragi mines (spikes?) a different vein, guitar has taken a backseat to organ and it's so fuzzy it'll dry out your mouth. Written in loving tribute to the late Jim Marshall, channeled via Suicide and smoke filled rooms. Flip is a sunny mellow cha cha cha (duh) so relaxing i'm suggesting you get a prescription.. (Selection Records 2012)

Edition of 300 copies 7” electro Marshall amp worship from Hiiragi Fukuda of Japanese underground group Doronco Gumo: this is another blat from way beyond the long blank from Fukuda, starting out in a great cyborg/street walking cheetah feel, with odd night-time Heldon-style sci-fi creep using fuzz organ before breaking down into some amazing baroque almost White Heaven-style waltzing/forlorn exotica. Great late night apocalyptic Japanese psych, highly recommended. (Volcanic Tongue 2014)

どろんこ雲やDASのメンバーだったことでも知られる福田柊による2012年作となる7 インチがNYのSelection Recordsよりリリース!チープなキーボードと古いリズム・ボックスを全面に打ち出した意欲作!ロックでヒップな感性が迸るA面、メロウな世界を展開 するB面、ともに名曲。スーサイドのように危うさと色気を感じる最高の一枚!ジャケットもクール! (Reconquista 2012)

Yuka Ijichi - Peanuts Butter (Cassette | 2010)

Another massive slow-burner from the Japanese underground courtesy of Sloow Tapes: Yuka Ijichi is a female downer psych/folk performer who sings in a high lonesome style that’s a little less fragile than Ai Aso while playing minimal primitive acoustic ballads with that bewitching post-PSF feel, complete with echo-laden lead guitar from ex-Rallizes bassist Doronco, vocals from Hiragi Fukuda and an up-close basement/bedroom ‘production’. A folkier, stripped-down take on the dark ballad style of Shizuka or an update of the Hallelujahs pop-primitivism? Either way, this feels pretty major. Edition of 90 copies. Recommended. (Volcanic Tongue 2010)

Great name for an EP. Peanuts Butter…. genius! Info is skinny on the ground with this one but Yuka is a Japanese folk lady and she’s backed up by Doronco from Les Rallizes Dénudés playing his axe and singing a wee bit here and there. The music is very simple almost twee folk. The opener is riciculously light and frothy and wierdly enjoyable. It gets a bit more psychey later on throughout the EP as the electric guitar traverses to widdly territory. But lurking around the widdly is some gentle acoustic strumming and Yuka’s voice being all folksy and mystical. I was expecting a right noisefest and instead I got gently massaged by some sweet folk. (Norman Records 2010)

Another Sloow release from a Japanese artist and another absolute gem. Yuka Ijichi is a Japanese folk singer and here she is accompanied by Doronco from Les Rallizes Dénudés and Hiiragi Fukuda. The result is 8 beautiful strung-out ballads, from the slightly twee bedroom pop opener to the incredible psych tapestry of "A Sand Dune". Throughout Yuka's voice is high, airy and mystical. Highly recommended. (Boa Melody Bar 2010)

Great lost-in-time Japanese femme folk tape. Haunting vocals by Yuka Ijichi with acidic guitar leads provided by Doronco and Hiiragi Fukuda. (Sloow Tapes 2010)

Hiiragi Fukuda - My Turntable is Slow (Cassette | 2010)

Get in the zone with My Turntable Is Slow, the second psychedelic folk-pop album from Tokyo-based guitarist & songwriter Hiiragi Fukuda. A member of Holy Mountain recording artist Doronco Gumo, Hiiragi Fukuda's solo debut Oya Wa Touhoku, Oto Kumori (Fuyusouri Music Publishing) featured former members of Les Rallizes Denudes and Maher Shalal Hash Baz. A limited-run cassette version is now available from Belgium's Sloow Tapes. We have a CD-R of My Turntable Is Slow in the new bin here at WFMU, where we're currently experiencing some bizarrely tropical weather that's seeping into our programming. "You should take an umbrella with you," a short drippy marimba piece, made a perfect start to DJ Trouble's show this morning.My favorite track might be "Down a Dirt Road", but the whole album has a sweet atmospheric groove...dig in to My Turntable Is Slow. (Jason Sigal - WFMU Sep/30/2010)

Nach längerer Abstinenz stellen wir mal wieder ein SLOOW-Tape des kleinen Kassettenlabels aus Belgien vor. Die klassische Einleitung mit ein paar Sätzen über den Künstler ist schnell geschrieben: HIIRAGI FUKUDA stammt aus Japan (Tokio) und spielt Gitarre. Das war's schon. Er ist außerdem Mitglied des japanischen Postpunk-Trios DORONCO GUMO, aber da dessen Alben – ebenso wie die erste Solo-CD – ausschließlich in Asien erschienen, sind die Vergleichsmöglichkeiten gering. Immerhin existieren ein oder zwei DORONCO-Zusammenschnitte auf YOUTUBE. Der Opiumschwaden-Vergleich des Labels – natürlich sind SLOOW-Veröffentlichungen vielmehr psychedelisch als punkig – passt zum Foto auf MYSPACE (und zu den drogigen Songtiteln): im Schatten liegender Schlafzimmerblick plus, nun ja, irgendwas zum Rauchen im Mundwinkel. Die rund 40minütige Kassette umgibt ein südländisches Flair von warmen Sommerabenden. Entspannte Gitarrenmelodien prägen die Songs, im Opener "Martinique Post Office" (Martinique geht als 'südländisch' durch, oder?) mischen sich akustische und elektronische Saiten, wehen über dem Sirren eines Verstärkers durch die Luft. Ebenso ungezwungen wirken die – ich vermute mal japanischen – Vocals, eher erzählend denn singend, wie Seifenblasen aus dem Mund fliegend und mit Hall unterlegt, sehr surreal. Besonders an diesem Stück ist die französische, beschwingte Frauenstimme der mit FUKUDA befreundeten Belgierin CORALIE GERMEAU. Sommerlich liest sie aus dem Tagebuch ihrer Jugend vor, leicht, etwas drogig und sehr angenehm. An einigen Stellen, gerade während des ersten Liedes, erinnert mich "My Turntable Is Slow" übrigens an Ô PARADIS. Abgesehen von Frau GERMEAU und ihrem kurzen Gastspiel macht der Chef aber alles selbst, hat auch die Feldaufnahmen eingeholt. "H. Kissinger Of Cetus" beginnt dann auch mit Vogelgezwitscher. Die geloopt wirkenden drei Gitarren-Töne machen einen recht monotonen Eindruck, erst gegen Ende dreht die dronige E-Gitarre gehörig ins Nirwahwah ab. "Down A Dirt Road" klingt passenderweise wie der Titel eines Western und ist das schönste der sechs Stücke: Eine Mischung aus Cowboy, Balalaika und Waldfolk; am Ende taucht sogar eine Elfenflöte auf. FUKUDA spricht intensiver, man würde gerne verstehen, was er da erzählt. Seite 2 ist fast noch einen Tick lässiger, spielt zunächst draußen auf der Veranda ("Slim Harpo Syndrome") in der Sonne und mit drei Gitarren unterm Arm. Kurzes Zwischenspiel aus Xylophon und Familie am Esstisch, anschließend wirkt auch das funkige "Tokyo Delay..." gejammt, die legeren Vocals nach wie vor eher italienisch oder spanisch als japanisch. Am Ende steht warmer, schwebender Gitarren-Ambient ("On A Slow Boat"), der den Bogen zum Beginn der ersten Seite schlägt. Ein nicht unangenehmes Brummen im Hintergrund, die Stimme nachdenklich und mit viel Hall, zwischen einlullend und hypnotisierend. Auf 44 Minuten bietet "My Turntable Is Slow" eine feine und in ihrer Entspanntheit ansteckende Ideensammlung. Für die manchmal etwas monotonen Parts auf Seite B entschädigen Songs wie "Martinique Post Office" oder "Down A Dirt Road" mit sehr viel Atmosphäre. Zum wohligen Genießen der letzten Urlaubstage! (Michael We/für 2010)

Edition of 90 copies cassette from Hiragi Fukuda of Japanese underground group Doronco Gumo. This is more dosed and heavier on the acid folk vibe than his previous Oya Wa Touhoku, Oto Kumori with a great early-70s private/loner edge complete with echo vocals, comedown acoustic guitars and some stinging lead. Aspects of Masaki Batoh’s Ghost From The Darkened Sea but with a more progressive/rock feel alongside some classic Syd Barrett-isms make for a perfect late-night slow burner. Edition of 90 copies. (David Keenan - Volcanic Tongue 2010)

A slow revolving turntable to ease an upset stomach. I have a terrible stomach ache today. To get my mind off my state of health I'm listening to the far away voice of Hiiragi Fukada. How many miles away is Tokyo? There are seas to cross, mountains to climb and a multitude of cultures to meet before arriving in that ancient land. Airplanes help us reach our destinations and internet connects us all regardless of distance. Nowadays, it is all about speed. However, I feel the need to take time out and travel the road step by step. Hiiragi Fukada's turntable is slow. His voice is filled with tranquility. Around him a simple, minimalistic scene is set by acoustic guitars and little else. Distant echos seem to be evoke everywhere. Take a journey through this music. Explore the sounds. (Carlo Trevisan - Utopic Music Blog 2010)

Ah, the releases I should have had on my year end list begin to pile up, Hiiragi Fukuda’s being the most egregious omission so far. This just goes to show year end lists made in December of said year are awesome for driving up the site hits, Facebook shares and retweets, but always end up being shortsighted. I guess I’m trying to say, don’t think too hard about it or assume it matters. Anyway, how to describe this tape? I have never heard (or even heard of before now) Hiiragi’s work in (Holy Mountain recording artist) Doronco Gumo, or his first solo work (with ex-members of Japanese legends Les Rallizes Denudes and Maher Shalal Hash Baz), so I don’t have much to base it against in terms of his past work. Psychedelic folk-pop seems to be a good way to put it, but it often incorporates more than that. Hiiragi doesn’t sing as much as he talks, and when he talks it’s in Japanese and has a sort of detached, Serge Gainsbourg quality. Indeed, a lot of the songs on this collection have that sort of French New Wave/existential feel, not so much interested in the story as much as just “being”, often in a mode of self-conscious coolness. Well, it works. The good part is that the lazily strummed acoustic guitars, repetitive riffs and beatnik rhythms almost always give way to Hiiragi’s sumptuous electric guitar, a reverb soaked laser with a real direction in mind. The album reflects the songs, with some country fried romps in between the longer, more sublime bookends. This is a great tape, even more so because it’s not typically the kind of music that gets released on cassette. The song writing is for real and the knack for “pop” and melody is undeniable. It also avoids any kind of “it sound” of the moment and presents the listener with familiar territory while doing so in a very original way, but oh man, when Hiigati’s beautiful guitar starts a full space blast off, you start to wonder where this guy came from and why you never heard him before (unless you did, in which case, kudos). (Gregory McGreevy - impose magazine 2010)

My Turntable is Slow was originally released on cassette by Belgian label Sloow Tapes but is now available under Creative Commons licensing at the Free Music Archive. Hiiragi Fukuda has a slow-motion sound that is part pop, psychedelica and acid folk. The meandering sense of this album is mesmerizing, eliciting a slightly disquieting mood. The guitars weave around a droning voice. While the words are in Japanese, I not really sure it is all important to understand them as it is the overall mood of Fukuda’s music that wins the listener. One of the best releases from 2010. (Free Albums Galore 2011)

Hiiragi Fukuda’s "My Turntable Is Slow" is very close to kitsch. This would not be a problem if the songs were well structured, but they’re not. They’re just too thin. More like half worked out ideas than real songs: the vocals sound the same on every track -spoken word with a lot of echo- and the guitar parts are an endless repeat of simple guitar melodies, with some extra arrangements added here and there. Am I too hard here? Maybe. "My Turntable Is Slow" is probability not bad, but than again: not bad is not good enough. (Hairentertainment)

lovely quiet/storm contempo-psych from hiiragi fukuda & company (Mimaroglu 2010)

New late night nomadic travels by Hiiragi Fukuda (Doronco Gumo), who’s ‘Oya wa Touhoku, Oto Kumoi’ turned quite a few heads. ‘My Turntable is Slow’ mixes pop and psychedelia to new highs by way of Tokyo delay. These songs are like dancing shadows reflected in opium clouded jade. (Sloow Tapes 2010)

Hiiragi Fukuda - Oya wa Touhoku Oto Kumori (CD | 2010)

Fantastic new Japan-only CD from Hiragi Fukuda, who you might have spotted as a member of Doronco Gumo on their Old Punks LP. With this new album, Fukuda expands the Doronco Gumo line-up with *two* ex members of Les Rallizes Denudes, bassist Doronco and drummer Mimaki Toshirou alongside violinist Eriko Sato of Maher Shalal Hash Baz. The sound kind of takes off on Doronco Gumo’s weird amalgam of death-decadent balladeering, idiotically stupe destructo rock and Hiroshi Nar styled primitivism but overall the group rock harder and wilder than on their previous outing, even dropping into a classic mirrorshades La Dusseldorf/Suicide style groove on the blasted opener “TV Dinner”. Pretty impressive that Rallizes members are still involved in radical reformulations of the urge to ugh a whole bunch of decades later. More please. Recommended (David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue 2010)

Other guy from Doronco Gumo (Holy Mountain's recent band with the bassist from Les Rallizes Denudes). There's a few moments of way-out guitar, but mostly this is a doleful pop record full of carefully arranged bossa/Serge Gainsbourg tunes & sugary male/female japanese vocals. Fans of Ghost/Masaki Batoh should give it a try. Super close up & clean production that's very Tokyo. (Weirdo Records 2010)

これは素晴らしい!!どろんこ雲やDASのメンバーだったことでも知られる福田柊のソロ 作品!ヴェルヴェッツのようなロックンロールにルイス・フューレイ的なデカダンスを足したような雰囲気が最高に格好イイですね!ジャズやシャンソン昭和歌謡、サイケデリックロックと様々な楽曲が並びますが、その全てに 独特のモダンな感覚、美意識が貫かれている辺りも◎!どろんこ(裸のラリーズ、Los Droncos)、サミー(裸のラリーズ)も参加!詩もギターのセンスも抜群です!(Reconquista)

東京都下を拠点に90年代から様々なミュージシャンとセッションし、どろんこ雲でも活動 してきた福田柊(vo,g,p他)は、初の公式ソロ作品「親は東北、音くもり」をリリース。サミーの名で知られる三巻敏郎(ds/裸のラリーズ)、どろん こ(b/裸のラリーズ、どろんこ雲)、佐藤英里子(vln他/マヘル・シャラル・ハシュ・バズ)らが曲によって演奏し、女性ヴォーカルが参加する曲も多 い。ニューヨークのスーサイド、静かな曲におけるヴェルヴェット・アンダーグラウンド、ルイス・フューレイが思い浮かんだりもしたが、ジャズやシャンソンのダシの効いた歌謡曲のようでもある。アパートの隣の部屋から漏れ聞こえるみたいに響く低音の発声ながら芯の強いヴォーカルの力も手伝い、他で体験できないサイケデリック感覚がゆらめく不思議な音像だ。生活感が漂いつつ優雅でアナーキーな映画がイメージできる歌詞もクールだし、鼓膜が震えて神経が痺れる音作りも素晴らしい8曲入りCD。オススメです。(行川和彦 MUSIC MAGAZINE/2010.02)

その抜群のサウンドセンスと類いまれなギタリストとしてdas〜どろんこ雲を支えてきた彼。時折見せるソロライブでのシンガーとしての魅力をどうにかしてパッケージして貰いたいと常々思っていたファンには素晴らしいお年玉である。全8曲からなるこの作品、ドラムはサミーこと三巻敏郎が担当、どろんこもベースで1曲参加(アルバムのマスタリングも担当している)。M1は、どろんこ+サミー+福田のトリオ演奏、かつてのdasを彷彿とさせる重心低くストイックに加速していく極上のロックンロール。Cubist Blues(A.Chilton,A.Vega,B.Vaughnのカルトロックバンド)を想いだすイカしたナンバーだ。M2では顕著なL.フューレイの デカダンとS.ゲンスブールの粋にP.バルーの奥床しさをない交ぜにしたような彼のヴォ−カルは本当にユニークだと思う。またM3,M5が堪える余人に真 似の出来ない木漏れ日感は、彼が真性のサイケデリックミュージシャンであることを証明している。M6,M8はどろんこ雲のライブでも披露されていた曲だが、ここではM4,M7と同様に、昭和歌謡や古い子守唄の旋律が持つ、ひりつくような哀愁をモダニスム的に脱構築するという驚くべき離れ業を聴く事が出来 る。恐るべき才能の持ち主がとうとうそのベールを脱ぎ捨てた。ハードル高いぞ、諸君、心してかかりなさい。(松田康 Gモダーン/VOL.29)

DORONCO GUMO - Old Punks (LP | 2009)

Doronco is a bass player who is most well known for his stints in Les Rallizes Dénudés, Suishou no Fune and with Keiji Haino. Here he is joined by members of Maher Shalal Hash Baz, a Frenchman and an additional female vocalist who have made an album of sophisticated 70s style downer pop. The band uses vocals, bassoon and trumpet over a see-sawing battle of piano / guitar shrill balanced against warm rhythms that sound suspiciously close to how you want them to. Translated as "Mud Cloud," the name is actually poetic in a Zen beggar wandering monk kind of way. Their avant bar-rock style is not unlike Cinderella's Revenge recorded in the same studio as "Vintage Violence" with the conscious heartbreak of something like "Even Serpents Shine." A bright to bummer, and back to bright narrative flows throughout the album's nine songs. Resequenced to include an additional track not on the Japanese CD, "Old Punks" will nail down something for you that you didn't know needed to be nailed down. (Holy Mountain 2009)

Part Les Rallizes Denudes, part Maher Shalal Hash Baz, this Japanese super group do a sort of droney, jangley garage psych pop, that over the course of Old Punks slips from woozy indie rock to brooding looped psych rock, playful power pop, to reverby almost ballads to Velvets-y minimal lope. The band is super laid back, the songs are weary and ragged and drawly and shambling, the guitars loose and detuned sounding, the drums spare and simple, the vocals, which might make or break DG for most folks, are sort of flat and tuneless, mumbled and moaned, sometimes crooned, but usually buried in the mix, just another layer of whirling sonic warmth.
Occasionally, things do get weird, some crunchy surf guitars, some strange jumbled group vocals, all tangled and chaotic, and of course bursts of psychedelic solo guitar squall, but for the most part Old Punks traffics in simple stripped down psychedelic rock, laced with bits of folk and pop, and of course shadows of both Maher and Les Rallizes. Comes with a download card so you can grab yourself a digital copy of the record too! (Aquarius Records)

Tokyo-based Doronco Gumo has an impressive pedigree, with Doronco lending his bass playing chops to Les Rallizes Denudes (as well as Suishou no Fune and DAS). On this 2008 Japanese release, “Old Punks,” he’s joined by members of Maher Shalal Hash Baz for some interesting Japanese rock. Hints of psych, surf rock, art rock, and a bit of the late 70s creep in to the songs; many with a talk-sing approach and some with female vocals. It’s slow and plodding and is accented by minimalistic bassoon, trumpet, and piano. It ends with Mirai No Hitomi, a piece with a ghostly Joy Division presence embedded in it. (KFJC 89.7FM)

元裸のラリーズのベーシスト、どろんこのバンド、どろんこ雲の名作!過剰に激しくもなけ れば過剰にゆるくもないサウンドからは、スタイルではなく身体から自然と湧き出ている様なサイケデリックの感触が感じられて本当に格好イイですね!ヴェル ヴェッツに近い雰囲気もありますが、また違った情緒が感じられます!ギター、ベース、ドラムに加えてピアノ、トランペット、バスーンを加えた編成!当店人 気の福田柊、マヘル・シャラル・ハッシュ・バズの長谷川真子が参加!とにかく良い曲ばかりですね!最高!  *米Holy MountainからリリースされたこちらのLPにはボーナストラックが付いています!また曲順もCDとは異なります。(Reconquista)

DORONCO GUMO - Old Punks (CD | 2008)

Old punks don’t die, they just hi-jack airplanes, retire incognito to the south of France and form primitive avant garage fuzz-busting units with members of Maher Shalal Hash Baz: Doronco Gumo presents the latest project of another of the key members of the legendary Les Rallizes Denudes, Doronco, who played in Rallizes at the legendary Oz Days blow-out and also turns up on Naked Diza Star and Double Heads. This new group features Hiragi Fukuda and Mako Hasegawa of Maher Shalal Has Baz on guitar/piano/vocals and drums/fagot/vocals respectively. The sound balances the idiot-avant stumble punk moves of the Org axis with classic dark Tokyo psych, with fuzz guitar leads and vocals from Doronco that sound one cigarette away from oblivion. There’s a decadent, wasted edge to most of the proceedings, crossing the enka/psych divide with songs that orbit the Kazuki Tomokawa school of suave existentialism, high, childlike, almost Reiko Kudo-esque backing vocals from Reina Higa and some great overloaded garage rock moves. A ton of Tokyo heads have been raving about this CD and it's not hard to see why, some of the best post-Rallizes avant punk to emerge from that secretive cabal to date. (David Keenan - Volcanic Tongue 2008)

裸のラリーズで70年代後半〜80年代前半にベースを弾き近年は灰野敬二とも絡むどろんこ(vo、b)や、彼とDAS時代から活動を共にして今月16日にソロCD『親は東北、音くもり』を出す福田柊(g、p、vo)らが、2007年1月に東京で結成したバンド。MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZの長谷川真子もドラムを叩いている。2008年5月にリリースしたファースト・アルバムだが、“無所属”で自主制作ゆえに埋もれて見えるからフォローしたい。すべて日本語の歌だがグレイトな音楽は言葉の意味性を超える。『Old Punks』は日本語がわからない人でも心に響く“日本の足音”が聞こえてきて、じっくり耳に傾けていると歩幅すらも見えてくる。だから昨年11月に米国 の先鋭レーベルHOLY MOUNTAIN Recordsが別ジャケットでLPにもした。HOLY MOUNTAINといえばOMのファーストとセカンドをリリースしたことで知られているが、遠藤ミチロウのプロデュースのシングルも含むONNAのCDや、東京のフリーキー・バンド“愛のために死す”のLPなどの日本の異才のリリースも特筆すべきレーベル。OMも含めて共通する詫び寂びの効いた真正かつ真性のサイケデリックな匂いがある。どろんこが還暦間近でレコーディングしたからか、『Old Punks』というアルバム・タイトルは自嘲にも思える。町田康が初期のINUで歌った曲「オール・ザ・オールド・パンクス」に近いニュアンスかもしれないが、彼の言語感覚に近いちんぴらの匂いもまったりと息づいている。このCDは世の中の動きと素晴らしくズレた時間が悠然と流れている。「俺がパンクだぜ!」みたいな自信無きゆえの自意識過剰とは対極の、つつましやかな日本風の物言いが潔い。70年代のパンク・ロック以前の与太者と青二才の佇まいだが、 自由形のアウトローだからどの曲でもゆったりゆっくり離着陸を試みる。システム化された音楽をなぞるだけでは心に響かない。だが寝言やいびきにも似た無意 識の音楽は息遣いのように生々しい。自然に出てきた鼻歌を純化させたごとき原初的なメロディは鼻を突く。RAMONESとBLACK FLAGがブレンドしたようなアップテンポの曲がクール。VELVET UNDERGROUNDの後期やルー・リードのソロの曲や、裸のラリーズの流れを感じるゆったりした曲が大半を占め、ゆっくりと飛べる。曲によってはファンキーでもある。強度が違うとはいえ天然のボソボソ声を放つときはルー・リードを思い出すが、微妙に前のめりのリズムで恐ろしくデリケイト。リード・ ヴォーカルに絡む女性も含むサイド・ヴォーカルも多彩だ。漂流を繰り返し、世の中で何が起ころうが飄々と動じず、“ゆらぎ”の表情をたたえる歌。「何が望 み」「家出少女」「人間みたい」「二月の空」「影法師」「僕達の楽園」「海」「未来の瞳」、切なくかっこいい歌詞にも痺れる。これほど粋に“アイ・ラヴ・ ユー”と歌うバンドは久しぶりだ。(行川和彦/2010.01.11)

裸のラリーズ での長い活動を経て、ついに結成したどろんこ雲のファースト・アルバム!裸のラリーズのようなサウンドを期待すると肩透かしを食うでしょう。マヘル・シャ ラル・ハシュ・バズの長谷川真子(Dr)が参加、Gt/Voの福田柊の若い感覚が特に光っていて、どこまでも自然体で人生を感じさせる素晴らしいどろんこの歌と混じりあい、微妙なバランスを保っている。地味だが深みを感じさせるこのアルバムには、年季の入った本物のサイケデリックが溢れている。形だけの派手なサイケを期待している若い音楽ファンには非推薦。今後の活動に期待したい。2ndは、もっと地味で深いアルバムを!(生悦住英夫 Modern Music 2008)


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